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Welcome to the Website of the Tübingen Delegation to the National Model United Nations in New York!

From Tübingen to the World: NMUN 2024 – Unleashing the Power of Diplomacy.🚀 #NMUN2024#DiplomacyMatters

The Delegation of the University of Tübingen will represent the Republic of Benin at the NMUN conference in New York 2024.
What is currently happening? 
Tübingen Model United Nations took place on January 26: Read more about TMUN 2024 here
The NMUN Delegation is actively preparing for NMUN 2024:
Check our blog for regular updates on our most recent events, including an expert talk on Benin and a special speech training
What is NMUN 2024? 
For more than 40 years, National Model United Nations (NMUN) welcomes about 5000 students annually from all over the world. The University of Tübingen has been participating since 1997 and is very proud to represent Benin at the 2024 NMUN Conference in New York City. 16 students from various study programs will form 8 delegations, which will tackle the world’s current issues. In order to be prepared for this exciting and challenging opportunity, we will spend the upcoming months working on crucial skills such as research, public speaking, debating, and working as a team. Explore our website and get to know our honorable delegates, stay updated on our progress, and learn more about the Tübingen delegations from the past years.
Read more about former NMUN-experiences: Tübingen goes New York

The NMUN Delegation welcomes you !


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