Expert Knowledge for our Delegation

In our recent workshop session last Tuesday, our delegation was honoured to have Dr. Elmar Mustafayev as our guest. Dr. Mustafayev is the head of the Political Science and Philosophy Department at Khazar University in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Dr. Mustafayev was in Tübingen because him and Prof. Dr. Thomas Diez of the Tübingen Institute of Political Science are engaging in an academic cooperation and while being here, Dr. Mustafayev joined us for a seminar.

As a renowned expert of Azerbaijani Foreign Policy, he was able to give us most valuable insights in Azerbaijani politics, especially the complex relations to its neighbours as well as to regional and international partners. Further, we were able to ask questions on matters of Azerbaijani domestic politics, political culture, and political opinion of the people of Azerbaijan that only a national with deep political insight could provide. This was an opportunity without comparison for us being the delegation to represent Azerbaijan in several United Nations committees in National Model United Nations 2020 in New York, giving us knowledge and ideas on how to represent the interests of Azerbaijan on a global scale.

We thank Dr. Mustafayev for having joined us and remain looking forward to and preparing for the upcoming HCMUN simulation in Hohenheim as well as TMUN in Tübingen in the next weeks, and most importantly NMUN in spring!