All I want for Christmas is… a Party!

As a delegate, you have a lot to do: you have to learn about how the UN (and especially your committee!) works, what the country you are going to represent has done in the past and plans to do in the future, and doing a lot of fundraising work. And even though this is all interesting and fun in its own right, our delegates were delighted to switch the computers for a mug of mulled wine, tactical discussions for light conversation, and notes for Secret Santa presents (Wichtelgeschenke). And as you can see, we had a lot of fun that evening while getting to know each other better.


So thank you for the party department for planning everything to make this party as lively and memorable as it was!

A big shoutout is also due to the student group „Unterwegs“ who were kind enough to let us borrow their rooms for our party – the party would not have been the same if we had to celebrate in our usual seminar room!

If you want to check out „Unterwegs“, just visit them here on Facebook:

All that is still left to say is Merry Christmas to all of you, enjoy the holidays, and a happy new year! See you (on this blog) next year!


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