Chocol’ART 2017

Tübingen is famous for many things: the castle Hohentübingen, the university and its faculties, and many, many bicycles. But the cultural phenomenon that draws most tourists to the city is the annual chocolate market. More than 300.000 people are visiting the Chocol’ART each year.


While the first snowflakes covered mugs filled to the brim with hot chocolate, mulled wine or punch, our delegates braved the cold and worked on counting the visitors as well as doing surveys. Some of the delegates spent up to 14 hours and more on the market, all while working on their Landmark Documents, which will provide our delegates with the information they need in the upcoming negotiations and resolution writing phase.

We would like to thank our delegates for the time and effort they put in their work last week – the raised money will be a huge help in paying for our trip to New York in March! A special thanks is also due for the delegates that put up the timetables for the shifts and who organized everything: you did an amazing job!


On this note, we also would like to kindly ask anyone interested in sponsoring us to contact our delegation using the details below. Your help will not go unnoticed – we will add you to the sponsors page on our website and add a link to your business on our blog.

And if you need a counting or surveying team, we can be easily persuaded to put our expertise to use again!

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