First Intern Simulation

On the first weekend of December the first internal simulation of our delegation took place. We used this opportunity to apply and understand the process of a UN negotiation and its motions. The topic that was debated for two days was „Cyber Security and Protecting against Cyber Warfare“. At the end of the discussion which entailed many fruitful debates among our delegates, three resolutions were successfully adopted.

This first simulation was an exciting and experiential change, giving us first-hand impressions of how the UN works and the chance to implement the theoretical preparation we had worked on beforehand.

It quickly became clear to us that there are several things to keep in mind, such as the speakers list, which should never run out, otherwise people will vote immediately, even though there are usually no papers to vote on yet. Additionally, it was important to find a common ground between the countries to develop specific proposals to find solutions to the problems. Lastly, it was crucial to convince other countries to support the proposals.

During the course of these two days, we realized that good proposals and strategies can generate strong collaborations that result in innovative resolutions and identify pathways to solutions. Of course, this is much more complex in real UN negotiations, because actual relations play a role and the proposals have to be more specific in terms of their funding, but nevertheless the history of the UN also shows us that cooperation is really possible, and solutions can be applied.

With this first real simulation, our delegation was able to apply important procedures, make speeches and draft resolutions quite well. We are looking forward to HCMUN and TMUN to further deepen our skills and practice in larger meetings.

Our first preparatory step towards NMUN is now completed and we are looking forward to further simulations.

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