Fundraising Activities and Current State of Preparation

As the planning of our trip to Geneva and New York precede so do our efforts in fundraising in order to finance all these travels. It all started with the Clubhaus party which we hosted together with the Fachschaft Politik. Apart from good music and a nice atmosphere there has also been tombola with some fancy prizes to win. During the chocolate market the whole delegation was busy counting incoming people and conducting a survey. Despite or maybe just because of the cold weather and some organizational challenges it was a special experience that further increased the already very good team spirit among us. As additional fundraising activity we are also selling delicious wafers outside Brechtbau every week during lunchtime. So if you feel the need for something sweet just stop by!

Concerning the substantive work every committee just handed in their Landmark Document, which is a basic outline of the resolutions relevant for the respective committees and Iraq’s position to those. This document will serve as a reference for the further preparation and as a starting point for the Position Paper which will finally be sent to New York. However, as the position of Iraq was not always easy to find or deduce, the search will go on!

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