How to write a Position Paper

Lately, we have been putting quite a lot of effort into our position papers. They all summarise Namibia’s position on the agenda topics but these issues are different in every committee. This means, we mostly work in pairs and do research on various topics, e.g. Mainstreaming Gender in Peacekeeping Operations, The Role of Youth in Achieving the Paris Agreement or Facilitating Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Development.

In each of our committees, we started off by reading resolutions to figure out what UN action has been done so far and what Namibia’s position on these topics is. This preparation is very helpful for writing a position paper. For each of the topics, we present three different aspects: firstly, a general introduction to the problem and its relevance to the international community, secondly, Namibia´s achievements and actions regarding the issue at hand, and finally, possible solutions and suggestions from Namibia’s point of view.

For our first position paper, we got detailed feedback from our faculty adviser and the head delegates which we are very grateful for. Currently, we are working on our second draft. Additionally, we prepare for the Hohenheim simulation next weekend. As you can see, there’s always something on…

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