New York, New York!

We did it!


Our delegation at the UN Headquarters in New York, where the Closing Ceremony took place.

After a week of debates and negotiations, we are very happy that in all our committees we worked on resolutions that passed – you can take a look at their drafts:

It was a long semester for us, but now that the Closing Ceremony of NMUN 2015 is over, it all seems to have begun yesterday. We are very proud to announce that our delegation has been awarded the Distinguished Delegation award and also, more importantly, that we will be leaving New York with the feeling of a job well-done, as well as some very inspiring experiences and an infinite number of priceless memories.

We thank our Head Delegates Berith and Martin for the great preparation and absolutely reliable support, and, most of all, our Faculty Advisor Bettina Ahrens, who dedicated invaluable time, efforts, and patience in order to enable us to make NMUN such a brilliant experience. Thank you!


The Iraqi flag at the UN Headquarters in New York.

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