NMUN 2018 meets Radio micro-Europa

Have you ever wondered how our NMUN-seminar works? How the simulation in New York will work? How we sound when we give a speech in front of other delegates, what challenges we face, or what we are looking forward to the most in the States?


The answer to these questions and many more will be available soon – on March 11th, 12 am on the micro-Europa website (you can find the link attached to this article below), to be precise. Our delegates Andrea, Tuba and Anna talk with Ina Mecke and Lena Hofbauer about challenges they face, hopes they have, and experiences they made as a part of this years NMUN Tübingen delegation.

Thanks to Lena and Ina, who were great hosts and showed a lot of interest for the project!


You can find a short teaser here: http://micro-europa.de/nmun-projekt-i-teaser-zur-sendung/

Make sure to tune in at: http://micro-europa.de/


Want to stay tuned? Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nmuntue18/

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