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Being convincing is maybe the most important skill for a delegate to achieve. Oratory is a key factor in being successful during the negotiations and giving speeches, making statements and arguments.


20180204_130756To help the Tübingen NMUN delegation 2018 in improving our body language, speech structure, and presentation skills, Dr. Marco Behrmann of Cevey Consulting visited us on Sunday, February 4th. After a short introduction concerning the theory of speaking successfully, he challenged us to write two speeches within ten minutes and to present them before the group. The first speech dealt with randomly assigned topics like foreign language lessons in elementary school, the influence of chocolate, or speed limitation on Autobahnen. The second speech was based on the research we have done on our Position Papers and was set in a certain scenario – e.g. that we had to convince uncooperative delegates of our position in a firm, but diplomatic manner. The feedback we received, additional to the training, has certainly helped us become better speakers and will prove invaluable during our time in New York.

Our delegation thanks Dr. Behrmann, Senior Consultant with CEVEYCONSULTING, for his great and generous support.

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