The First Simulation

During the weekend from Saturday, November 18th to Sunday, 19th, the delegates of the 2018 Tübingen delegation experienced their first UN simulation. And even though it was being held in private, with only the Tübingen delegates and our instructors present, it was still equal parts overwhelming and enlightening.


Shy, wide-eyed, and unsure about what to do we sat at our designated places at the beginning of our first simulation at 10 am on Saturday. Having learned the rules of procedure by heart, we knew what we might expect from this first simulation. But putting these rules and motions to practice was a completely different level, that put our delegates to the test: How do I raise a motion? How do I convince others to debate the topic that is most important to my country? How do I write a draft resolution, let alone a working paper? Those are just a few questions that we asked ourselves before and during the first day of the simulation.

But after only a few hours and some short feedback from our instructors, there were a lot of changes visible: The delegates became more comfortable in speaking in front of others, the draft resolutions started to take shape, and by the end of the simulation on Sunday afternoon, the delegates had become confident in their roles as representatives of a variety of different countries.

Therefore, we want to thank our instructors, our two head delegates and our faculty advisor, Bettina, Jovana, and Nora, for all the time and effort they put in providing us with this great first experience. And though we still need to learn a lot about writing resolutions and negotiation tactics, it is safe to say that we feel a whole lot more comfortable now with the rules of procedure and our roles as delegates. So thank you all for an educational and fun weekend!


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