The Stress Simulation

On Tuesday, our delegates came into class not sure of what to expect. Sitting around the room were new delegates from countries none of this year’s team were representing in our practise classes, but soon it became clear why these new delegates were there: To test our knowledge of the Rules of Procedure. Together with the Dias, the three representatives wrecked havoc on our simulation; among other things they made phone calls, changed the Speaker’s list and used the Right of Reply incorrectly giving the 2016 delegation ample reason to make a Point of Order or even appeal the Chair.

All in all, the mischevious newcomers, who later turned out to be delegates from previous years, helped everyone to realise where there is still room for improvement and which Rules of Procedure need to be refreshed. They also made it very difficult to maintain Decorum – this year’s delegation will have to practise their pokers faces!  For their invaluable advice at the end of the session, as well as the unexpected test of our knowledge, the 2016 delegation would like to thank the past delegates for their help.

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