TMUN 2022

The Tübingen and Hohenheim Delegations

On February 4th, the 2022 delegation of Tübingen welcomed students from Hohenheim and Regensburg for the annual Tübingen Model United Nations (TMUN), the last big simulation before New York. After enjoying pretzels, fruits,and apple juice, everyone was eager to tackle the following topics:

1) Rights of Indigenous People

2) Advancing Responsible State Behavior in Cyberspace in the context of International Security

After a few agenda-setting speeches, the committee voted to address topic 1 in this simulation. Soon after, multiple working groups formed and approached this issue in different ways. Some groups focused on providing access to health care supplies, whereas others concentrated on giving indigenous communities a stronger voice in today’s world. Many speeches, motions, and negotiations later, 4 draft resolutions were finalized. In the end, all of them were passed through majority votes, which were accompanied by applause by the delegates. After these achievements, the honorable chair and the delegates voted on several awards, such as best speech and best negotiator but also on less serious awards like best outfit and funniest speech. 

The successful simulation was followed by a celebratory dinner at the Neckarmüller, where the group enjoyed dinner, drinks, and entertaining conversations into the late hours of the night. 

Many thanks to the TMUN department for the exceptional organization, to all the participants, and also to Lea, Lina and Freddy who played the roles of the chair and rapporteurs.

The Tübingen Delegation 2022

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