TMUN 2024

Finally, after weeks of preparations, we welcomed the delegation from Hohenheim at our Tübingen Model United Nations Conference on January 26. All dressed up in business attire and given the appropriate location for the special occasion at the Große Senatssaal of the Neue Aula our delegates felt like real diplomats meeting their new colleagues for the first time.

Each year the Tübingen Delegation to the National Model United Nations in New York City hosts its own conference at the University of Tübingen. TMUN is a one-day simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. It’s a unique experience to debate with unknown delegates and thereby also practical to determine how much preparation is still necessary before we make our way to New York.

During the course of the day we discussed the topic of “Building Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG9)”. This included giving speeches, exchanging ideas during informal session, negotiating and finding common ground to produce draft resolutions we could then vote upon. While all of us were working hard on achieving the best possible outcome we also were able to get to know each other while enjoying some snacks from our lunch buffet.

At the end of the day, we were able to adopt a resolution including the idea of a special fund for the financing of sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Three delegates of each delegation from Hohenheim and Tübingen also received special awards for their outstanding performances. However, we didn’t just end our day with this satisfactory result. Instead, we came together for a nice dinner and enjoyed each other’s company. We thank the Hohenheim Delegation for their visit and are looking forward to meeting some of you again in New York. A final shout-out goes out to our TMUN department which did a fantastic job at organizing the conference.

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