Tübingen – Australia: Skype Briefing with Prof. Dr. Mark Beeson

The Delegation of Tübingen University is honored to announce that we will hold a Skype Briefing on Thursday, February 7th, 2013 at 10:00 am with the renowned Prof. Dr. Mark Beeson from the University of Western Australia. Prof. Beeson will help us to prepare even more effectively for New York by giving us a presentation on the topics we will encounter at the conference and we will have the opportunity to ask him some remaining questions concerning Australia’s position on these issues.

Mark Beeson is a professor of Political Science and International Studies. He has been conducting his research mainly in the UK before he came to Australia. Consequently, even though his fields of interest range over various areas, his focus is mainly on the Asia Pacific. Paying great evidence to this fact is that he is the founding editor of Critical Studies of the Asia Pacific (Palgrave) Journal. Most recently, he has become co-editor of Contemporary Politics and he has also published numerous further journal articles, as well as he contributed to various books.

Evidently, he is an expert with broad knowledge concerning Australia’s foreign policy positions, which is why we are very happy to welcome him and we are looking forward to an interesting discussion.

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