From the 12th to 15th February a part of our delegation went to Geneva to learn more about the UN organisations. We had a really good time as a group and got to know each other better.

On Wednesday, we learned more about the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Our speaker who had just returned from Hong Kong gave a very informative talk and answered lots of questions. Next we gained a valuable insight into the work of the ITU in the areas of standardisation, development and radio communication. That day, we also had a guided tour through the Palais de Nations Unies.

The next day, we visited the World Health Organisation and, among many other things, learned how political public health is… and how nice the view from the roof terrace is. At the International Labour Organisation we got a tour through the building.

After that, some of us enjoyed the sunshine by walking along the Lac Léman. In the evening we had a cheese fondue.

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to get to know some areas of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and found out that there are lots of human rights violations in Namibia we weren’t aware of. After some free time we took the train back to Tübingen. A huge thank you to all our hosts for giving us their precious time!

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