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Our journey to New York for the NMUN 2019 is almost three months away.

As we look back at the last months, we can say with certainty that we have worked hard for a fantastic experience as the Tübingen Delegation representing Namibia. Besides writing our position papers, receiving speech training and preparing ourselves in NMUN simulations, we have been raising funds for our trip to NYC thanks to our sponsors, waffle sales and the Clubhausfest – Die Chroniken von Namibia (The Chronicles of Namibia).


The close cooperation with the Fachschaft Politik Tübingen and our delegation enabled us to plan this event. We are happy that the Clubhausfest was a great success thanks to so many helping hands and like to think back to the memorable memories made at the Party.


Having received so much support from our sponsors, teachers and fellow students, gives us the energy we need while we are preparing for our final Position Papers and get ready for our own NMUN simulation – TMUN.


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