Interview about NMUN

In order to give you an idea what delegates think of NMUN in general and the preparation for it we conducted a short interview.

Why do you participate in NMUN?
I want to get an insight into international politics and diplomacy. Participating in NMUN is a unique opportunity to experience the course of decision making in international affairs.

How do you prepare for your task in New York?
We are preparing for that during our seminar and wrote three versions of our steadily improved Position Paper about the stance of Iraq. We also did several simulations and had a speech as well as negotiating training.

What did you learn so far?
First of all we learnt the Rules of Procedure which are important for the course of the conference. Then we talked about how to write resolutions and practiced to give speeches in front of other delegates. Finally, one very important part was also to get to know the position of Iraq on the special topics we are dealing with.

What insights into international politics did you get?
Part of our preparation is also a seminar on ‘The United Nations System’ where we talk about the many institutions of the UN and their effectiveness.

What is the greatest challenge?
I’d say a big challenge was to find the position of Iraq on certain issues. Some documents we found were only in Arabic and other topics are just not of high importance for Iraq.

What was the funniest thing that happened so far?
The wine tasting after HCMUN was quite enjoyable. But in general, there is such a good atmosphere in our delegation which makes the whole preparation process real fun.

How did you get to know about NMUN?
There was a mail from the political institute sent to every student. Apart from that there is also a website about our delegation.

What was the best party?
The best party is still to come in New York!

Is there anything you would like to add?
Yes, I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the honourable interviewer for his provident guidance during this conversation. I highly appreciate the significance of all the questions and the order of them being asked. In general, it is of utmost importance to acknowledge the high relevance of this issue and to remain seized in this matter. Thank you very much!

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