TMUN 2015

On February 6th the delegations of Tübingen, Stuttgart and Heidelberg met in the Neue Aula to have their last simulation before New York. The preliminary agenda included the following three topics:

  • Review of the United Nations Global Counter Terrorism Strategy
  • Fostering Developing Countries’ Resilience to Natural Disasters
  • Combatting the Spread of Epidemic Diseases in West Africa

After a brief discussion and several motions to set the agenda, the committee voted to deal with the Review of the United Nations Global Counter Terrorism Strategy as the first issue. Various working groups emerged debating on issues as raising awareness and education, the implementation of a shared database, the development of quick response mechanisms and long term strategies. Main controversies became evident along the question of national souvereignty and international responsibility. At the end of the day and after fruitful discussions there were four draft resolutions on the floor of which three were adopted and became GA 1st resolutions.

We thank the TMUN department for organizing the whole event and also would like to express our gratitude to Bettina, Berith and Martin for their guidance as chair during the simulation.


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