Our Delegation at the Hohenheim Castle MUN 2017

What can the world do more about renewable and sustainable energy? Delegates from three universities: Hohenheim, Heidelberg and Tübingen met last Saturday to discuss about it.


Hosted in the beautiful Hohenheim castle, this year the Hohenheim Castle Model United Nations began with the preliminary agenda considering three topics:

  1. Promoting Access to Renewable and Sustainable Energy for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development
  2. Protecting the Civil, Political, and Socioeconomic Rights of Refugees
  3. Cyber Security and Protecting against Cyber Warfare

After a handful of excellent agenda setting speeches and an informal caucus, the delegates voted to address first the topic, Promoting Access to Renewable and Sustainable Energy for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development.

There is no doubt all delegates had a long and hard day working together to find solutions. The hard work paid off! Four draft resolutions successfully passed. Decentralization, cooperation, technology transfer, awareness raising are some of the proposed solutions to address the issues of energy.

In addition to finding solutions for global problems, the delegates also improved their competence and skill in participating in a Model United Nations Simulation. It was the first time the current delegation of Tübingen attended a model UN after the first internal simulation. For some people it was the first time they worked with delegates they had never met before. However all the training that we did previously paid off. The cooperative spirit among all delegates was essential to make a successful UN model.

After the formal simulation, the Club of Hohenheim organized a wine-tasting event. This was a great opportunity for all participants to socialize with the other delegates. We enjoyed local wine, food and had a joyful Saturday evening together.


The Tübingen delegation would like to thank the Hohenheim university for hosting the United Nations model and the University of Heidelberg for joining us. We look forward to work again with you in the Tübingen Model United Nations in early February.

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