Expert Talk with Athena Peralta

For the Tübingen delegation, perfect-timing means between the two deadlines for landmark documents and position papers, there was an expert talk. The expert was Ms. Athena Peralta, former Senior Economic Development Specialist at the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) of the Philippines. She came to Tübingen and shared with us her insider’s perspectives.


During the meeting, Ms. Peralta answered questions about the Philippines from the Tübingen delegates, covering various topics ranging from South-South cooperation, natural disaster, sustainable development programs to agriculture. Her opinions as a Filipino cleared up a lot of confusion during our prior research, thus helped us represent the Philippines better in the NMUN.

After the meeting, Ms. Penalta said that she was impressed with the substantive research on the Philippines that the Tübingen delegation had prepared. She believes that the Tübingen delegation will do well in the NMUN in New York City. Additionally, the meeting was an opportunity for her to reflect on her country as she is now working more on international issues in Geneva, Switzerland.

We would like to thank Ms. Penalta for her valuable insights and Mr. Gustav Theodor Theile for helping us organize this meeting. The Tübingen delegation also wishes you all the best in your professional career.

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