The Chocolate Market 2016

As it gets colder and colder it becomes obvious that winter has arrived. Nevertheless our delegation braved the cold and spent their days counting and surveying the visitors of this year’s Tübinger Schokomarkt. Some members of our delegates managed to dedicate up to 16 hours of their time over the six days – a great effort considering that we are all working on our Landmark Documents.


We would like to thank our delegates for their time and dedication this past week and encourage them to keep up the good work – the money we raised will help to pay for our trip to New York in March – so we are certain it was worth it. A special thanks goes to the delegates responsible for the distribution and organization of the shifts!

On that note we would like to kindly ask anyone interested in sponsoring us to contact our delegation using the details below. Of course your help will not go unnoticed – we will add you to the sponsors page on our website and add a link to your business on our blog – and if you need a counting or surveying team we can easily be persuaded to put our newly acquired skills to use once again!

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