Tübingen Conference of the Parties

Preparations for New York are in full swing: the committees have been announced and the delegates have begun researching their respective topics. This weekend, our delegation was also given the opportunity to participate in the Tübingen Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Model United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and discuss the global reduction of CO2 emissions until 2050. Six of our delegates decided to take part, representing countries such as Australia, the Republic of India and the Russian Federation in the battle against climate change, and were joined by one of our head delegates, who served as co-chair. 

The conference showed that climate change continues to be a difficult topic for discussion and agreements are not easily reached. Troubles begin with the fact that not all countries equally recognize the existence of climate change and persist when debating on what actions need to be taken. Many countries seem willing to contribute to CO2 reduction, but simultaneously rely on fossil fuel energy and do not want to harm their economy. After a pizza break, many heated discussions and endless attempts to persuade the USA, we were delighted that the draft resolution our delegates mainly contributed to was adopted by the conference. And the good news continued when we learned one of our delegates had won the award for the best position paper!

Overall, Tübingen COP was a great opportunity for our delegation to gather more practical experience in speaking, debating and writing draft resolutions. With every delivered speech and completed resolution we become more confident in ourselves and feel better prepared for the big event in New York!


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